Opinion | Trump and the McCain Warship

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To the Editor:

Re “White House Asked Navy to Hide McCain Warship” (news article, May 30):

President Trump’s denial that he was aware of the White House’s request that the Navy hide the destroyer John S. McCain during his trip to Japan raises two possibilities.

The first is that his denial is a lie. This would not be in the least surprising both because Mr. Trump lies continually and because there is no act of shabby vindictiveness to which he will not stoop.

The second is that this is one of the vanishingly rare cases in which he is telling the truth. This in turn would mean that although he does not have a grip on what is happening in his own White House, he has created there a climate of appalling small-mindedness and of indifference to the political neutrality of the armed forces.

Neither possibility suits the dignity of a proud democracy. Make America great again indeed.

S.R. Sturm
Kraainem, Belgium
The writer is a retired United States Air Force colonel.

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