Sleepy? Could Be Causing Your Fat Problem.

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More sleep. Vital for pretty much all your bodily functions and balances.

A new study says  sleeping too little correlates with a bigger waistline and higher body mass index (BMI), among other issues.

The study of 1,615 adults found that sleeping an average of six hours a night had a waist three centimeters larger (about 1.18 inches) than the folks who slept for nine hours a night and we are not even talking about the high BMI index, Lower “good cholesterol” levels and other bodily negatives.

The study didn’t find a link between sleeping less and eating a crap diet, which places even more importance on sleep.

This could be either good or bad news depending on your circumstances but sleep is something everyone can influence. Even if you have to catch up by taking a nap it will do wonders for your body!